The Early Adopter Program

The Early Adopters

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The individuals/groups that signed or confirmed their intention to participate.

Prof Jan Deprest     KULeuven, Leuven
Drssa Roberta Corona     VUB, Brussels
Prof Jasper Verguts    Jessa Ziekenhuis, Hasselt
Prof Stephan Gordts, Dt Sylvie Gordts, Dr Patrick Puttemans, Dr John Koninckx;    Heilig Hart ZH, Leuven
Dr. Steven Van Calenbergh     AZ Turnhout
Dr. Johan Van Wiemeersch    Sint Augustinus, Antwerp
Prof Bruno Van Herendael     ZNA, Antwerp
Dr Jan Bosteels     Imelda ZH, Bonheiden
Dr Willem Ombelet     ZOL, Genk
Dr Jan Mulier     AZ St Jan, Bruges
Prof Errico Zupi     Univ Siena
Prof Mauro Busacca     Univ Milano
Prof Fiorenzo de Cicco     Univ del Sacro Cuore, Gemelli, Roma
Drssa Anastasia Ussia     Villa del Rosario, Roma
Dr Carlo De Cicco     Campus Biomedico, Roma
Prof Arnaud Wattiez     Strassbourg
Dr Roger Molinas     Asuncion
United Kingdom
Mr Enda McVeigh     Univ of Oxford, Oxford, UK
Prof Rudy Leon De Wilde     Univ Oldenburg
Priv.-Doz. Markus Wallwiener     Univ Heidelberg
Prof Leila Adamyan     State Univ of Moscow, Moscow, Russia

A limited group

A first limited series of "Pain conditioners" is expected to be available May-June 2014 to 10 opinion leaders/good surgeons/researchers, on a first come first served basis .

Advantages of the early adopters

  • They will have the pain conditioner much earlier and at exceptional conditions.
  • Being first to deliver better quality to their patients, will be a competitive advantage.
  • The Pain conditioner will permit clinical investigation such as an improved fertility rate. EndoSAT will support this e.g. for data analysis and publications.
  • The early adopters will thus increase their clinical and scientific visibility.
  • The early adopters will be invited at the planned press conference for the launch of the device
  • The early adopters will be invited to constitute the Medical advisory board, guiding further developments

How do I become an early adopter ?

After receiving your interest in becoming an early adopter (either through 'contact' or you will receive a contract proposal, in which you reserve your position as early adopter.
You will subsequently be the first to be informed of the exact date the device will be available, shipped or delivered, and about other activities.

Our goals : no pain and no adhesions as illustrated below

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