Endosat NV

Mission statement

Our mission is to facilitate quality surgery at an affordable price for society through full-conditioning of the environment.
Quality surgery aims at reducing the risks and side effects of surgery during and after surgery. Full-conditioning does not affect the surgery itself and is without any risk or contra-indication.
Full-conditioning strongly reduces pain during and after surgery, and accelerates recovery. Healing occurs better and faster with little or no adhesions.


Endosat NV is a sister company of eSaturnus NV which both have their roots in the universities of Leuven (KULeuven) and Oxford and which were closely involved in the development of minimal invasive surgery.

Endosat was founded to translate to human surgery the results of 15 years of research on the role of the peritoneal cavity in surgical outcome.

To do surgery -laparoscopic or open- tissue have to be exposed either to air or to a pneumoperitoneum. This damages the lining of the cavity resulting in acute inflammation which slows down healing.
The clinical consequences are increased gas (e.g. CO2) and fluid resorption, increased pain during and after surgery, tissue ischemia with ovarian and bowel damage and increased adhesion formation.
This trauma is further increased by surgical manipulation, desiccation, blood, fibrin and irritating fluids or substances.
Quality surgery therefore starts with a skilled surgeon, gentle tissue handling, minimal invasive surgery and little bleeding. Equally important is the prevention of all other factors causing acute inflammation, ie full-conditioning.
This moreover will reduce healthcare costs of society.
Quality surgery is further helped by the right surgical equipment and operating theater environment with intelligent data processing.